UPWP Amendment Approved at September 20, 2019 MPO Board Meeting


The FY 2019/2020 UPWP is being amended to recognize the increased Federal
Transit Administration (FTA) 5305 transit planning funding to match the recently
released FY 2019/2020 allocation. The UPWP and the UPWP agreement that was
originally approved in June of 2018 is also being amended to add federal funding
in the amount of $125,000 that was included in the recently adopted TIP for this
fiscal year. In addition, staff is revising tasks and budget amounts in the second
year of the two year UPWP to reflect budget that was not spent in the first year (FY
2018/2019) of the UPWP that can be now be expended this year in other tasks.
Finally, the resolutions are included to give the Chair authorization to sign off on
the agreement changes when they are finalized by FDOT. The TAC and CAC
approved this item at their September 5, 2019 meetings and the MPO Board approved the item at their September 20, 2019 meeting.  The UPWP Amendment information can be found here: UPWP AMENDMENT [PDF]


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