FDOT Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM)

Always a unique challenge for the MPO and its partners is preserving and respecting this region’s exquisite natural beauty while constructing a strong, useful transportation system.  The MPO carefully and thoughtfully balances environmental priorities with transportation priorities as it evaluates issues and makes decisions.

FDOT, too, pays strict attention to environmental considerations and proper permitting for projects. It has been a leader in Efficient Transportation Decision Making used now throughout the country. Early coordination during project development among transportation engineers and planners (including the MPO) and all permitting agencies (federal, state, and local) provides significant information and data that accelerate preliminary work required for new projects.

ETDM strengthens relationships among transportation partners; clear, precise communication is emphasized; and, potential roadblocks to proposed projects are red-flagged sooner with attention focused on appropriate solutions.  Budgets sometimes benefit because valuable ETDM data already collected may shorten the time to produce formal environmental and engineering studies.   

ETDM Process Diagram – Lee MPO

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For current information on the ETDM process please follow this link to the FDOT’s website ETDM process (opens new window).