Transportation Disadvantaged

Each year, the MPO reviews and approves the Lee County Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP) and sends it to the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged for final approval.      

Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged

The transportation disadvantaged could be children at risk, seniors, disabled, and low income residents.  The Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged brings assistance to them through local coordinating boards (LCB) and community transportation coordinators (CTC) in every Florida county to ensure quality transportation services, both efficient and affordable, are available to transportation disadvantaged people.  For more information about the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged visit: (opens new window)

    Designated Official Planning Agency (DOPA)

Designated Official Planning Agencies (DOPAs) or Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)  assist the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged and are responsible for development of long range transportation plans.  In Lee County, the MPO serves as the designated organized planning agency and:  

  • Provides staff and resources to enable the Lee County LCB to fulfill its responsibilities;
  • Includes a TD element in their current fiscal year Transportation Improvement Program, currently under SECTION IX;
  • Conducts an annual evaluation of the CTC;
  • Develops and annually updates, a Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP) [PDF];
  • Consolidates the annual budget estimates of local and directly funded federal government transportation disadvantaged.

    Local Coordinating Board (LCB)

The MPO appoints members to the Lee County LCB, an advisory board that provides information, advice, and direction to the CTC about coordination of services for the transportation disadvantaged through the Florida Coordinated Transportation System (FCTS). Each local coordinating board is recognized as an advisory body to the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged in its service area.

    Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC)

Community Transportation Coordinators are businesses or county departments responsible for arrangement of transportation services delivered to the transportation disadvantaged. The CTC may provide those trips itself (sole source), the CTC may provide some trips and subcontract others (partial brokerage), or the CTC may subcontract all trips to approved operators (complete brokerage).

The Transportation Disadvantaged Commission approves the CTC for each county.  Based on the MPO’s recommendation, which also serves as Lee County’s designated official planning agency, Good Wheels Inc. was approved and contracted as Lee County’s CTC.  As of February, 2020 Good Wheels has closed, and LeeTran is operating under an Emergency Contract with the TD Commission to serve as the CTC for Lee County.  For more information on LeeTran, please visit: (opens new window)

The Lee County Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP) [PDF] is approved by the MPO Board yearly and then sent to the TD Commission for their approval.