Transportation Improvement Program

The MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a five-year comprehensive list of federal, state and locally funded projects for all modes (or kinds) of transportation:  transit, roadway, bridge, aviation, seaport, rail and commuter rail, bicycle, pedestrian, and enhancement projects like landscaping and greenways.  The MPO board adopts the TIP each June.

The MPO uses the Florida Department of Transportation’s five year work program to produce the TIP each year.  The TIP is known as a short-range plan because it allocates resources and dollars over each upcoming five-year period by phase of project production.  Project phases from concept to completion are:

  • Planning (PLN)
  • Project Development and Environmental Study (PD&E)
  • Preliminary Engineering (PE)
  • Right of Way Acquisition (ROW)
  • Construction (CST)
  • Construction, Engineering and Inspection (CEI)
  • Maintenance (MNT)

The MPO’s purpose in developing the TIP is to produce a staged, five-year program of transportation projects consistent with the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).  Today’s major projects programmed into the TIP often begin as ideas many years, sometimes decades earlier.  These transportation ideas may be included first in the Lee MPO’s adopted LRTP, which covers a 20-25 year period. Potential projects that remain viable as time passes gradually move closer to inclusion in the TIP through the LRTP’s prioritization process.  Budgets and fiscal allocations also play a key role in the prioritization process.  

The TIP contains much information and data valuable to planners and engineers, such as total funding by funding source, lane and center line mileage completed by type of work, major projects completed, underway, and delayed, and current adopted priority lists of unfunded projects.

    Current TIP FY 24 – FY 28 [PDF]

Annual Obligations Report

    TIP Amendments and Roll Forward Projects

FY 2017/2018 Through FY 2021/2022, Amendment 1 [PDF]

FY 2017/2018 Through FY 2021/2022, Amendment 2 [PDF]

FY 2018/2019 Through FY 2022/2023 Roll Forward Projects, Amendment 1, Approved September 21, 2018 [PDF]

FY 2018/2019 Through FY 2022/2023, Amendment 2, Approved December 14, 2018 [PDF] 

FY 2018/2019 Through FY 2022/2023, Amendment 3, Approved March 22, 2019 [PDF]

FY 2019/2020 Through FY 2023/2024, January 17, 2020 Amendment [PDF] 

FY 2020/2021 Through FY 2024/2025, September 18, 2020 Amendment and Roll Forward Projects [PDF]

FY 2020/2021 Through FY 2024/2025, December 18, 2020 Amendment [PDF]

FY 2020/2021 Through FY 2024/2025, March 19, 2021 Amendment [PDF]

FY 2020/2021 Through FY 2024/2025, May 14, 2021 Amendment [PDF]

    Interactive TIP

This web-based service provides information in a flexible format that allows anyone to generate either the entire TIP document or a smaller, custom designed document showing projects of  interest.  Using three search options (Maps, Custom Reports, and TIP Search), website visitors can locate projects by road name, state road designation, state program number, political jurisdiction, or geographic location. To view the Interactive TIP, visit: (opens new window)

    Florida Department of Transportation Work Program

For the current Work Program and additional information, please visit our Work Program page.

    Annual Obligations Reports

Section 134 of Title 23, United State Code, requires that an annual listing of projects for which federal funds have been obligated in the preceding year shall be published or otherwise made available by the metropolitan planning organizations for public review. To assist the Metropolitan Planning Organizations in Florida in complying with this federal requirement, the Florida Department of Transportation has made available the following reports displaying federal funds that have been obligated in the most recently completed federal fiscal year.